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Tandem Triumphans! Excursion to Culloden and Inverness

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When the chance to visit another one of National Trust for Scotland’s battle sites presented itself a few weeks ago, I was eager to jump on the train to Inverness for my first trip to the Highlands and my first trip to Culloden. My managers at Bannockburn were keen for me to visit a battle site which had similarly undergone a regeneration and which similarly loomed large in Scotland’s history as well as offering exciting education programmes. Culloden is a stunning spot. Located on a high moor east of Inverness,…read more


Spaghetti towers in Stirling Castle: a workshop on heritage education

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Early last week three of us Education & Outreach trainees attended a workshop hosted by Historic Scotland and run by Ewan McIntosh and Tom Barrett of NoTosh, who had been invited to Stirling Castle to introduce us to a new approach to educational activities. As we trainees are quite new to heritage education, we were looking forward to the prospect of learning the latest ideas and techniques for making visits to places like Stirling Castle a valuable and profitable experience for all learners. We were not disappointed. The process of…read more


Knight in the car park

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The new trainees set off this week to visit the burial site of a “knight” in the car park of Edinburgh University’s archaeology department. We were guided around the site by lead archaeologist Ross Murray, who took us to where an adult male had been found under an enormous stone slab covering the grave. The markings on the slab, which show a Calvary cross and a sword, suggest that the man was a noble or possibly a knight. But the ‘knight’ wasn’t the only person to be buried in the…read more