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We’re about halfway through our 2 month stint with Collections, and what have we seen? Things – beautiful things! From 18th century exercise books, to architectural plans, to personal correspondence (including a letter from Rabbie Burns himself!), we are getting our hands dirty (literally!) traversing the uncharted waters of the John Sinclair House archive –  re-discovering lost artworks, piecing together the life of William Notman, and, of course, learning valuable skills for the future!

But it’s not all ancient history; we’ve also attended seminars and workshops discussing and demonstrating how we can utilise the technologies of the digital age to bring these wonderful things out of the archive box and into the modern world. And, sometimes, we even get to go outside!

Here’s a selection of images from our heritage adventures so far…

image (3) edited image (2) edited

Did You Know?

Mesolithic and Neolithic flint and stone tools are the earliest of the discoveries in Holyrood Park – that’s as early as the 5th millenium BC

We learnt how to re-house materials

image (63) edited

Anna succeeding in the art of archive box-making.

image (64) edited

Lewis not so much…








We rolled… image (67) edited

and rolled… IMG_1608 edited


Had a photoshoot image (76) - Copy edited image (70) - Copy edited

Attended an Augmented Reality workshop by CreativMuse at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Leith

Did You Know?

If you’re planning a trip to London, you can now enjoy the city throughout the ages thanks to the Museum of London’s AR app StreetMuseum, which allows you to see London of the past, right in front of your eyes!

We’ll be using it on our visit to there later in the year, we recommend you do too!

image (77) - Copy editedjpeg

Augmenting Reality – like a deleted scene from Inception.


And of course, we got on with more serious work too:

IMG-20160607-00606 edited

Starting to make sense of the William Notman collection.

IMG_1624 edited

Did You Know?

William Notman entered architectural competitions under the pseudonym “Alberti”; perhaps in homage to THE Renaissance Man Leon Battista Alberti?

Some Highlights from the Notman collection:

IMG_1629 edited IMG_1638 IMG_1646

And to bring you up to date…

IMG-20160609-00610 edited

Beginning to categorise the large rolled drawings

image (80) edited

Using our detective skills to fill the gaps in the collection

IMG-20160609-00609 edited

And making sure we were doing it all right!

And last but not least…


It was International Archives Day this Week! Wooo!


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